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At the age of 14 Flint was asked to sing, act, tell jokes, or do something at Kid's Camp.  As a Camp Junior Counselor he agreed to give it a shot.   With no musical background, and having never song a song in his life he performed a rap song.  The kids at camp loved it.   All was quiet for the soon to be discovered singer until the next year camp rolled around.  Flint recalls, "I remember I had just started listening to country music so when I was asked to perform that year  I said " I'd love to".  I chose to sing "The Old Man is Dead" by artist Del Way.  It brought the house down.  All the adults came up telling me I had a real talent and that I should pursue it."  Within weeks folks were calling my house booking me to sing at fundraisers, churches, festival, and such.  The first year I sant at 100 different events.  I was booked every weekend.  

 This younster was destined to be a star.  February 20, 1997 was the turning point from being "just a hometown singer" to the start of a real entertainer.  He recorded his first song,

written by none other than Del Way called 'My time With You"

After recording the vocals in a modest single wide mobile home,he took it to a local country radio station KYKS 105.1. Flint diligently sought the opinion of the program manager,

Danny Merrell.  Reluctantly, he joined me in listening to the song. Flint remembers almost passing out awaiting his response. Merrell replied, "Let me listen to it again."  He actually listened to ittwice more and then said, "let me listen one more time".  By that time,he was patting his foot and nodding his head.  'I'll tell you what I'"ll do for you.  If you give me the exclusive rights to this song, I'll give you as much airplay as you want " The rest is history.


The station started getting requests like crazy for this newfound celebrity.  Within 8 months a full  album had been released.  By 2012, a second album, "That Does It" was a big hit as well.  Some of the artists Flint has opened with artists Joe Diffie,  Mark Chestnut,  Clay Walker,  Leanne Rhymes,  Jeff Carson,  Radney Foster,  Dijango Walker,  Bellamy Brothers,  Jack Ingram,  Joe Nichols, and Blake Shelton (right after he released “Ol Red").  Texas Artists include: Pat Green , Kevin Fowler, Roger Craiger, Bart Crow, and Cory Morrow.


Whether in front of thousands or Flint and a few friends, you can tell he loves what he does!  He can captivate you with one song, make you laugh with another, and touch your heart strings with the next.  Flint has one of the most unique voices and styles in country music and you definitely have to hold a ‘Favorite Spot’ open for this RISING STAR!!! Take a listen to his NEW single release right here!  “We've Got To Keep Meeting Like This”. Written by Paul Overstreet and Archie Jordan.    


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